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F is for Forty

I have a couple more months before turning forty.  40.  Four-Oh.  Quarenta.  Ugh.  Just looking at it sends shivers and gives me pause.  I’m somehow in disbelief at how much time has passed yet, so little have I achieved.  Well, at least by my standards.  I remember a checklist of things I should have accomplished by this age, and somehow, I am nowhere near even a fourth of its completion.  Man,…

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I did say that there’s to be a delay in these photowalk uploads. I try to keep it as updated as possible.

Photowalk 02_15_2014I decided to put in photos of my familiar haunts.  After all, today can only be today.  These may…View Post

Photowalk 02_15_2014

I decided to put in photos of my familiar haunts.  After all, today can only be today.  These may…

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Dirt Garden



after years of neglect and lack of essential net savvy-ness, i was finally able to update this long overlooked account.  i’ve been maintaining other blogs as well, even another tumblr. account for that matter.  absolutely forgot that this ever existed.  i’d hate to keep two accounts, but then again i wouldn’t want to delete my other tumblr account as it contains more of my original posts.  looking back here, my posts here are mostly, (if not all,) re-blog entries.  if only i could merge the two… oh well, that’s something i’d need to figure out again.  

there’s always joy in new discovery.  while this may not be entirely new, it’s unearthing something lost, something buried in the deepest caverns of your consciousness, then dusting it off, and looking at it once again with the joyous delight of all things novel.

to teki, for discovering with and for me… here’s to many more things to be unearthed, both solitary and shared.

got an email like this before…. 

my current state of mind on my current job…


stop that cat. cats are not allowed to do kung-fu. when did you find the time to take lessons anyway you don’t do anything but sleep all day.

so me!!! :)

i can do this with my cat, blobby or yoda :)

hehehe…. makes sense… :)

…on days when i can’t see straight. :)

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